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US House Passes Bill Threatening TikTok Ban Amidst National Security Concerns


Thanks to a new bill that passed in the US congress’s House of Representatives Tik Tok might get banned in the United States moreover the bill orders the platform’s parent company bite Dan a china-based company that many US lawmakers claim is a national security threat must sell its controlling stake

In the app or potentially receive a ban in the American nation’s Market bite dance has denied accusations of being under Chinese government influence but detractors claim they give out user information in viol of privacy and security guidelines to the government many are reacting wildly to this

Prospect but Soulja Boy and K LA are pretty unbothered Tik Tok is not a streaming platform the latter tweeted on Wednesday March 13th and I never looked at it as one I’m not worried as long as you don’t take away Apple music Spotify SoundCloud title Audio Mac YouTube music Amazon

Music I’m good music and the love I have for it is forever however on the other hand Soulja Boy had a much more scandalous and frankly comical claim when it comes to all this coer reacts to potential Tik Tok ban I made 32k in one day this why

They trying to ban Tik Tok he posted on his Instagram Story the same day that ker commented on this Soulja Boy provided a screenshot of his daily earnings on the app and this isn’t the first time that he flexed his earnings thanks to social media regardless those

Closer to the debacle are more worried than this whether they’re against or in favor of the platform its chief executive showz believes thousands of jobs are at risk and a dominant Monopoly from other social media companies is an inevitability if this bill passes Soulja Boy claims this is all to sabotage him

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Although the United States has never found evidence that Tik Tok threatens US National Security it has not stopped suppressing Tik Tok China’s foreign Ministry stated via a spokesperson this kind of bullying behavior that cannot win in Fair competition disrupts company’s normal business activity damages the confidence of international investors in the investment environment

And damages the normal International economic and trade order President Joe Biden said he’d sign the bill if it passed the Senate on the way to his desk given the platform is worth hundreds of billions of dollars a sale is a pretty difficult option for more news on this

Tik Tok situation and the latest on soldja boy and like

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