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Security arrests masterminds of Apaa violence, charged with murder


A joint operation by the UPDF and Police has led to the arrest of a number of people involved in masterminding of   violence in the general areas of Apaa between the Madi and Acholi communities in Adjumani district.

The arrest follows renewed tribal clashes between the Acholi community in Apaa township and Madi people from neighboring Adjumani district in February.

The renewed clashes started on Sunday, February, 18 at Kamjdin village, Kalachut Parish , Pekele sub county in Adjumani district  when a group of about 30 Madi men armed with bows and arrows, pangas,hoes and knives attacked the home of  one Akekwa.

The attackers torched down a number of huts and arrested Akekwa who was undressed and tied on a tree before proceeding to his neighbours they burnt 16 huts and all property destroyed in the fire.

In the attack, one person was shot in the buttocks with a bow and arrow.

In a revenge attacked by the Acholi, they attacked the Madi Community of Eloku Village in Kalachut Sub County Adjumani district and killed two people on Monday morning.

According to the UPDF fourth division public information officer, Capt Kato Ahmad Hassan, on March, 7, the joint forces while operating in Pakele Sub County intercepted and arrested one David Guma Mori, 40 who was found with 15 bows and arrows in his possession.

“Initial investigations indicate that  Mr. Guma as in charge of mobilizing, procuring and supplying bows and arrows to the Madi youths. Our intelligence sources from Itirikwa Sub County also asserts that Guma physically participated in the recent arson attacks and killings of the Acholi community of Pakele Sub County on February 18th-19th 2024,”Capt Kato said.

He explained that the joint team also arrested Charles Okoya, also known as Rwot, an Acholi from Appa who was also involved in the recent revenge attacks on the Madi on February , 20, 2024 in Pakele Sub County.

The operation also led to the arrest of Mudi Patrick aka Dr., 45 from Obure village, Adopi sub county, Adjumani East in Adjumani district, Arijua Brenda, 28 from Pakele village, Ola parish of Pakele sub county in Adjumani district and Anyovi Sunday ,24 from Olia parish, Pakele sub county in Adjumani district.

Others arrested are Richard Alemiyo, 36 got from Pakele Sub County-Zoka area,  Edema Alex aka Fungaroho, Otto Dwala, Tako Luke, Mawadri Ben, Ajusi Jona, Droma Geoffrey, Okello Reagan, and Arijua Brenda.


According to the UPDF fourth division public information officer legal proceedings have since been taken against five suspects including Ben Mawadri, Geoffrey Droma, Reagan Okello and Dwalla Otto before the Adjuman Chief magistrates court.

He said they are currently on remand at Openzizi government prison in Adjumani district.

Capt Kato said other suspects including  Tako Luke, Edema Joseph aka Fungaroho, Modi Patrick and Nyovi Sunday were charged with arson and robbery and that they will appear in court for hearing of their cases.

“The culprits during investigations cooperated positively with the joint investigative team in giving fruitful information about their networks that led to the corroboration of evidences against their crimes before arraigning them to court for legal management.”

He said the joint team is continuing with gathering “useful and relevant evidences” so as to conclude the conspiracy amidst the two fighting communities.

“In pursuit for peace and restoration of calmness in Adjumani, the operation is progressively ongoing in hunting down suspects still at large.We therefore call upon the publics of the conflict affected areas of Adjumani to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity in their locations to the joint security teams before harm is done on their lives and property,” Capt Kato said.



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