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UPDF Confirms Infiltration of ADF Elements into Uganda


Col. Deo Akiiki, the deputy defense spokesperson, has disclosed that joint intelligence forces have verified the infiltration of another group of ADF militants into the country two days ago.

According to Akiiki, this group is believed to be under the leadership of notorious ADF commander Ahamed Muhamood Hassan, a Tanzanian-born bomb expert, along with others such as Muhammed Issa, Amigo Kibirige, Muhammad Lumisa, and Nasser Hamid Diiru.

Speaking to journalists in Kampala on Monday, Akiiki stated that other sister security agencies have been alerted and are currently on high alert, further assuring that they will continue collaborating to safeguard Ugandans.

“It’s simply suicidal for these terrorists to persist in their attempts to carry out acts of terrorism in Uganda,” he emphasized.

Last year, 10 ADF militants under the command of Kamusi and Njovu infiltrated the country through Kasese district, resulting in casualties among tourists, an attack on Lhubiriha secondary school resulting in student fatalities, the burning of a lorry carrying traders and their goods, and subsequent attacks on innocent civilians in Kamwenge district.

UPDF highlighted that following these incidents, their commander was neutralized in several joint operations, and his second-in-command, Njovu, was apprehended and is currently facing trial.

Col. Akiiki urged the public to remain vigilant and report any suspicious individuals or packages to prevent falling victim to ADF terrorism as security operations intensify.

“The public should be aware that ADF still aims to deploy terror groups in Uganda, especially in urban areas, places of worship, schools, and public gatherings, to sow chaos,” he cautioned.

According to UPDF, these retaliatory acts of terrorism were prompted by sustained joint operations by UPDF and FARDC (Armed Forces of the DRC) under Operation Shujaa, including strategic airstrikes targeting ADF and their hideouts in areas of Eastern DRC, notably Irumu, Mambasa, and later Komanda, approximately 146km from the common border with DRC.

“We are coordinating closely with our counterparts, including sharing proposals discussed by the heads of state of Uganda and DRC, such as the utilization of local vigilante groups to counter these attacks,” they added.

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