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The Empire At Crossraods: Namibia Responds That Kabaka Mutebi Is Physically Safe but Mentally Ill and Admitted in A Psychologically Distressed Persons’ Facility


Historically, Kabaka Mutebi’s health concerns have primarily been managed in Germany. However, the decision to transfer him to Namibia signifies the importance of Okonguarri’s specialized care in addressing his current needs

Outjo, Namibia: It’s okay, its official and really some good news to Ugandans. In a timely and reassuring announcement, it has been confirmed that His Royal Majesty Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II, the revered King of Buganda, is receiving specialized medical care at Okonguarri Psychotherapeutic Centre in Namibia. The news dispels fears about his safety and health while shedding light on his current condition.

The King, known as Empologoma ya’Buganda, was admitted to the facility, which is renowned for treating mental health issues, after experiencing a significant decline in his mental health. This development has been officially communicated by the Namibian Embassy in Germany, in response to growing concerns from the Buganda community about their leader’s whereabouts.

In a statement dated May 24, the Namibian Embassy clarified thus; “This serves to confirm receipt of your letter dated 21st May 2024 regarding the aforementioned subject. This Embassy wishes to inform that King Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II is not detained in Namibia. He arrived in the country in April 2024 for medical treatment and is currently at Okonguarri Psychotherapeutic Centre in the Outjo area of the Kunene region.”

The statement, signed by Ambassador Martin Andjaba, reassures that the Kabaka is in safe hands and receiving the necessary medical attention. Our investigative team has delved deeper into the situation, exploring why Namibia was chosen for the Kabaka’s treatment and the nature of the facility where he is admitted.

Why Okonguarri Psychotherapeutic Centre?

Okonguarri Psychotherapeutic Centre is a leading institution in Africa for treating mental health disorders. It provides a serene and natural environment conducive to healing and recovery.

The center specializes in various treatments, including therapy for depressive disorders, anxiety, personality dysfunctions, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), stress management, somatoform disorders, substance-related disorders, and childhood-related disorders.

The facility is known for its non-institutionalized approach to mental health care, emphasizing individualized care and personalized treatment. Patients at Okonguarri benefit from one-on-one attention and a supportive therapeutic community, free from the traditional restrictions often found in other institutions.

The King’s Health Journey

Historically, Kabaka Mutebi’s health concerns have primarily been managed in Germany. However, the decision to transfer him to Namibia signifies the importance of Okonguarri’s specialized care in addressing his current needs. Sources indicate that the Kabaka’s health has been under significant stress, exacerbated by the ongoing challenges and pressures faced by his administration.

Concerns and Speculations

There has been considerable speculation about the Kabaka’s condition, particularly in light of the persistent issues within the Buganda Kingdom administration. Criticism has been directed at the current Katikkiro (Prime Minister), Charles Peter Mayiga, and his handling of various affairs, which some believe have contributed to the Kabaka’s stress and subsequent health decline. These internal conflicts, particularly those involving the Kakamega group, have been a source of ongoing tension and concern.

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Community Reaction and Support

The revelation of the Kabaka’s condition has evoked a strong response from the Buganda community. Many express their heartfelt wishes for his recovery and long life. The community is urged to offer their prayers and support, hoping for the Kabaka’s swift return to robust health.

The Namibian government has also shown a commitment to ensuring the Kabaka’s safety and well-being during his stay in their country. Ambassador Andjaba has expressed openness to facilitating visits from delegations wishing to check on the Kabaka’s condition. This stance, regardless of Katikkiro`s prior counsel` to Kabaka subjects, to leave the king alone.

As the Kabaka undergoes treatment, his subjects back home remain hopeful for his recovery. The specialized care at Okonguarri Psychotherapeutic Centre offers a promising path to healing, and the prayers of the Buganda people bolster this journey. It is a time of reflection and unity, as the community rallies behind their beloved leader.

The journey ahead may be challenging, but with the support of his people and the dedicated care at Okonguarri, there is optimism that Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II will emerge stronger and healthier, ready to continue his esteemed leadership of Buganda. May Almighty God Save Buganda and Heal the Kabaka. May the good Lord save Buganda of Kakamega Group.

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