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Turmoil Within NRM and State House Over Speaker Among: Insider Details Emerge


Turmoil Within NRM and State House Over Speaker Among: Insider Details Emerge

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According to a highly placed source familiar with the inner workings of the NRM politburo and State House, several top officials within these institutions are discontented with Speaker Anita Among. The dissatisfaction appears to be growing, with indications suggesting that disciplinary measures may soon be taken against her.

Sources suggest that Among is perceived by NRM leaders as a political liability, leading to discussions about her future within the party. The ongoing online campaign protesting Parliament’s perceived excesses, known as #UgandaParliamentExhibition, is reported to have influenced sentiments against Among.

It is alleged that efforts are underway to discredit Among publicly, with recent leaks regarding her extravagant spending intended to undermine her credibility and leave her vulnerable. The source claims that these leaks can be traced back to State House, indicating a concerted effort to tarnish Among’s reputation.

Furthermore, Among’s authority over her security arrangements and deployments is said to have been diminished, signaling a loss of influence within NRM circles. The intelligence community is reported to have compiled briefs about the Speaker, which have been submitted to President Museveni for consideration.

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There are indications that the plan is to weaken Among politically, particularly with an eye towards the 2026 elections and beyond, amid speculation that she may have aspirations for higher office. This perceived ambition has led some within NRM to advocate for curtailing her influence early on.

Additionally, reports have emerged of a splinter group within NRM, primarily consisting of members from the eastern region, who are reportedly contemplating forming a new political party. This faction allegedly aims to gain traction in eastern Uganda and potentially expand its influence by 2031.

The group’s purported leaders, including allies of Among and another influential NRM figure from the same region, believe that the time is ripe for the East to produce a president. This sentiment is said to resonate with opposition MPs and former opposition members who have joined NRM ranks.

Recent events, such as Among’s exclusion from a NRM Central Executive Committee (CEC) meeting, suggest internal rifts within the party. During the meeting, CEC members reportedly criticized Among’s leadership decisions regarding parliamentary commissions and committees, alleging a breach of party procedures.

These developments are seen as part of a broader strategy to marginalize Among within NRM ahead of the 2026 elections. Further details on NRM’s intentions regarding Among are expected to be disclosed in subsequent publications.

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