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UCC Expands Film Opportunities in Karamoja, Celebrates Local Talent


UCC Expands Film Opportunities in Karamoja, Celebrates Local Talent

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The Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) has taken strides to integrate the Karamoja sub-region into its Regional Film Competition festivals, aiming to bolster local content and foster diversity within the industry.

In a recent ceremony held at Hotel Africana in Moroto district, filmmakers from Arua, Gulu, Lango, and other regions congregated to celebrate the inaugural inclusion of Karamoja in the competition. Winners from Gulu and Lira received cash prizes ranging from 1.5 to 2.5 million shillings, alongside opportunities to enhance their skills at the Cine Art Academy in Kampala.

Julianne Mweheire, Director of Industry Affairs and Content Development at UCC, emphasized the competition’s role in nurturing talent, acknowledging filmmakers’ efforts, and encouraging participation from Karamoja.

Mweheire highlighted the potential of Karamoja’s rich cultural heritage and diverse landscapes to produce compelling content. She underscored UCC’s commitment to providing platforms for filmmakers to showcase their creations, urging Karamoja residents to capitalize on this opportunity to promote their region and drive community transformation through storytelling.

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Danielle Aturo, an actor based in Lira, shared her positive experience in the industry, expressing optimism about her future prospects and international recognition within the next five years. Aturo encouraged youth to proactively pursue their interests and talents.

Ojok Francis Odong, Director of the Northern Uganda Film Makers Association, extended an invitation to Karamoja residents to join the filmmaking industry, emphasizing the region’s untapped potential and abundant resources.

Daniel Komakech, a filmmaker from Gulu City, recounted his journey in using storytelling to promote peacebuilding initiatives, particularly focusing on cross-border collaborations between Karamojong and Acholi communities. He highlighted the impact of his latest film, “Cross Border Peace,” in fostering harmony and reconciliation among previously warring factions.

Local leaders in Karamoja welcomed the initiative, recognizing its potential to spur economic development and community transformation. Simon Peter Lokeris, State Minister for Minerals and MP for Chekwii County in Nakapiripirit district, commended UCC for providing Karamoja with opportunities in the filmmaking industry. He emphasized the importance of using film as a tool for sensitization and promoting peaceful coexistence among communities.

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