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United Nations association of Uganda equiped young people with leadership skills – UG Standard


Ms. Nakanjako in wheel chair and Participants during closing ceremony of the training at Nob View hotel in Ntinda, Kampala.

A total of 20 young people, selected from Uganda have concluded a week-long training in Kampala about several issues thanks to United Nations association of Uganda.

The training has touched on leadership skills, youth participation, lobbying for young people among others.

Asaba Linda, Programs manager and the coordinator of the African United Nations youth development pogrom under United Nations association of Uganda, said this training program dubbed “African United Nations Youth delegates’” is being implemented in six East African countries, which includes Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, south Sudan and Sudan.

The project is funded by foreign ministry of Germany under Crisis for peace simulation.

Asaba Linda,Programs manager and the coordinator of the African United Nations youth development pogrom under United Nations association of Uganda.

“Because of the under representation of young people from the global South, this project came up to see that we are able to have a little bit of improvement to have more young people on different platforms for example at the United Nations General assembly, in different UN spaces, in economic and social Council so that the young people are able to have thier voices heard”. Asaba said.

“So there was a call that was put out and for Uganda we got 1500 applications and out of those we selected 20, so these 20 become fellows and out of fellows we select 2 after this National education assessment who then become representatives and if they are accredited by the government, they become youth delagates. These delegates then travel for regional trainings that takes place is three other countries and this year, it will be south Sudan , Kenya and Tanzania”. She added.

According to her, After those regional trainings, participants  come up with mandates that have demands that reflect young people from thier different countries then they present this at UN general assembly and in the third committee.

Some of youth delegates

She said when they are there, they usually have side events that attract different ambassadors , different Presidents and different players in the areas of of the mandates they are looking at .

“The one for last year, they focused on addressing unemployment and youth participation so this year we will know what they’re to focus on in April”. She noted

Asaba noted that United Nations association of Uganda definitely is aware of challenges of young people. “As the United Nations association of Uganda one of the things that we do is to train young people in soft skills that are not given in schools, for example lobbying, fundraising, presentation, network and other skill that could enable them attain their goals”. We believe that one of the causes of these different issues oppressing the young people is lack of knowledge on different subjects for example you will graduate and then you get it on the panel and you can’t express yourself, you can’t even draft a simple proposal, but if you have a little bit of skill someone will take you on and build you hence that is what we fight with and we believe slowly we will get there.
“I think really the skill is the root cause , because without skills you will not get employment, therefore skills is the most important aspect we need to deal with”. she explained.

The one week training that took place at Nob View hotel in Ntinda, a Kampala suburb also equipped participants with knowledge about the systems of United Nations.

The training also involved a community outreach. The team visited Kalerwe Market.

Nakanjako Zainab who is a disabled person was among many people they interacted with during community outreach.

After listening to her touching story, the team found it necessary to gift her with a modern wheelchair.

Ms Nakanjako, a mother of two has for the last many years been moving by bottom scooting and pushing herself.

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