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UNRA Gives Guidance On The Diversion Of Trucks Following The Closure Of Karuma Bridge.


The Uganda National Roads Authority has today again gave further guidance on the diversion of traffic following the closure of Karuma Bridge on 6th May.

The earlier guidance was that lorries, trucks and buses were to use Masindi – Paraa (Murchison Falls National Park) to connect to Pakwach or Gulu via Olwiyo.

But in a public notice released by the authority today, trailers , lorries and trucks, except buses are to use the Kafu – Masind and they branch off on the left to use Hoima – Biiso – Buliisa – Parra road.

The authority said, ” This alternative route is fully paved and involves a shorter distance of approximately 20 kilometers of travel through the Murchison Falls National Park, significantly reducing the impact on wildlife movement and behaviour. This is further intended to protect and conserve Uganda’s rich wildlife heritage.”

The closure of the Karuma Bridge has affected many people especially those in business in areas close to the bridge especially for people running eateries, lodges and those who vend eats on the side of the road.

The authority had promised that the reconstruction of this 61 year old bridge will be done in 3 months, but according to the public notice released today, it seems they are going to be doing repairs in the said 3 months as government looks for resources to reconstruct the bridge.


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