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Usher Reveals Unfulfilled Supergroup Dream with JAY Z, Diddy, and Pharrell


Usher has revealed that he almost formed a super group with Jay-Z Diddy and Fel during an interview with Shannon sharp on the former NFL stars club sh Shay podcast the singer told a story about the ultimate hip hop bar and be hybrid that never was Usher said he HOV puffy

And skateboard P went as far as discussing the business side of things but the idea never panned out as they all got distracted Jay-Z Fel Diddy and me were supposed to be a group he said yeah that’s crazy I didn’t say no I didn’t say yeah I think that we just got caught

Up I think we all got caught up in the moment we was talking about it and having secret meetings about it we were talking about music and how we gone flip it and The Business of it and somehow man we just got distracted and it never happened he added that’s the one I

Actually wish would have happened Usher is set to headline the Super Bowl 58 half time show on February 11th at the allegiance stadium in Paradise Nevada where the San Francisco 49ers will take on the Kansas City Chiefs Jay-Z who has helped the NFL produce the past four

Super Bowl halftime shows in his role as a consultant for the league was the one who informed Usher he would be performing Jay said it’s time it’s magic time it’s time for you to have that moment the confessions kuner told Apple music s low in September I’m like what

Are you talking about he’s like the Super Bowl I’m like oh you ready absolutely and it was like this was destined to happen I think that everything that led up to that moment going to Las Vegas for my residency for the last 2 years the Legacy obviously

That is the music the celebration of entertainment in that place he added it’s the City of Lights you know it’s always been a place where entertainers go and find love and passion connection to their fans so for the Super Bowl to have made its way to Las Vegas while we

Were in Vegas having such an amazing 2 years Usher is also set to release his new album coming home on February 9th the 20 track project will boast features from 21 Savage latto bnab Boy Summer Walker the dream her feels and Young

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