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Wack 100 Claims Existence of Exonerating Footage for Tory Lanez in Megan Thee Stallion Shooting


Wack 100 has claimed that there is footage exonerating Tor Lanz in the shooting of Megan the stallion despite no being able to offer proof of such evidence existing the Music Manager made the claim on clubhouse on Wednesday January 31st while live on the platform wack 100 claimed that there was an Asian girl

Present on the night of the shooting who allegedly took a video of the incident the video according to wack 100 was suppressed in court and he claims that it’s so Dam ing to the Houston hottie that it will effectively end her career when the video comes out that the da

Tried to suppress that my legal is now involved in there will not be no more Megan the stallion he claimed when the video comes out from the little Asian girl that followed them from the time she saw them get out the car that the da tried to suppress he continued shout out

To the private investigators I want to see what the Megan the stallion fans going to say then wack 100’s claims go against multiple rules of per professional conduct in the state of California according to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office this alleged video would fall under the

Category of exculpatory evidence that is evidence that supports a defendant’s innocence if such a tape existed and the district attorney failed to disclose its existence it could result in a charge of prosecutorial misconduct that could lead to censure suspension and even disbarment of the prosecutor in question the failure to provide exculpatory and

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Impeaching information May violate rule 3.4 fairness to opposing party and Council of the rules of professional conduct penal code section 141a and trigger a report to the State Bar if the reversal of a judgment is based in whole or in part on prosecutorial misconduct reads the laws on disclosure of exculpatory and impeachment

Information there is no evidence either then or now that suggests the Los Angeles County district attorney would risk centure suspend ion and or disbarment merely to convict someone of a crime they didn’t commit back in 2021 wack 100 also made headlines for his wild speculation of what really happened

On the night of Megan the stallion’s shooting going so far as to suggest that the his rapper wasn’t even really shot in the foot letun really do the math he said some of the smallest bones in our mother body is in our foot Anda

If you take a bullet to that foot and a break them bones you are not walking backwards with your hands in the air it is not happening it’s not going to happen you g lay your ass down man or woman and you’re going to scream like a ho you’re going to

Holler and scream and you’re not going to be on stage in two to 3 weeks twerking it ain’t going to happen Tor Lanz is currently being housed at North Kar state prison in Delano California where he is serving a sentence of 10 years behind bars for shooting Megan the

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