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We were hurt by the departure of our colleges  from us because they are the people we started the party with. Salaam Musumba is a proximate member of the FDC.

‘’The pain I have I can even strangle them’’ says Salaam while talking to TV10 cameras.

We started this party with an aim of changing the government through the democratic ways rather than the shedding of blood because the other  previous governments where doing.

In the present politics we have been blinded by corruption and this has made the president to fail to transit from individual merit to a republic merit.

This government its on its downfall . I have seen many governments fall down but that is not the case ,the main issue is how does it end?

That’s why we as the pioneers of FD,C we came with a strategy that the government should be changed through democratic means.

Furthermore she said that the biggest problem we have is the financial corruption and moral corruption.

She further emphasized that people, regardless of their political views in politics, they can marry each other.This is because Salam Musumba and her husband Isaac Musumba are from different parties .

Isaac Musumba is a member in the NRM party while the wife is from FDC. “We do not in engage politics in marriage.”

When she was asked the people she can second as president, she said, “ Dr. Kizza Besigye, Major General Mugisha Muntu, Dan Wandera, Rebecca Kadaga, Robert kyagulanyi and Andrew Kalamaji.

At the beginning of this year, the FDC party was divided into two factions; one is FDC  Katongo which is led by Dr Kizza Besigye and FDC Najjanankumbi that its led by Patrick Oboi Amuriat.


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