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KAMULI: The National Unity Platform Supporters Arrested.


Last week, the National Unity Platform leadership shared their schedule for their second phase of the nation wide tour on their different socials and it clearly stated that they would be in Kamuli today the 22nd of May.

However, news coming in show that police officers are camped at their set venue and some of their supporters and a few journalists have been arrested.

The NUP leaders have revealed that they did the necessary clearance with the concerned entities including the police, but they are surprised that Uganda police is now interrupting their nation wide tour.

Through his socials, the party principle has said, “The cowardly regime has deployed the police and military at the venue where we are meant to meet with our people in Kamuli. They have blocked tents and our public address system from being set up.”

“They have so far arrested over twenty comrades including part of our advance team and some journalists. They are being held at Kamuli Central Police station. Whereas we notified the police and fulfilled every lawful requirement, they have immediately started frustrating our events!”, he further revealed.

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